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depl Development


This documentation is for depl developers who want to improve depl itself, but have no idea how depl works.


depl is currently a very small program, so it should still be very easy to understand if you read the code. depl is built on fabric and there’s no way to change things without knowing a little bit about fabric. If you happen to know fabric most depl code is really easy to understand.

The only thing that really deserves to be mentioned is the internal configuration verifier. There’s a grammar file called grammar.yml, that is being compared to your own project-based depl.yml file. This grammar file compares all the types and if raises an error if something is wrongly formatted.


We heavily rely on pytest for testing. Testing depl correctly involves a lot of integration tests. Therefore I recommend you to use a virtual machine for testing. Alternatively you can just create a pull request, which travis automatically tests.

depl will open a lot of ports and testing might even create security holes on your computer - so really - use a VM.

You can run tests like this:

sudo pip install tox
sudo aptitude install libpq-dev python-dev


The goal is to keep at least 90% testing coverage.