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Web Frameworks

Currently we support the following frameworks/languages:

Support for Rails, Java, Scala and whatever else is hopefully coming soon! We need experts, to tell us at least which tools we should use to deploy. So if you want to see your web framework, just join open an issue and start a discussion!

General Web Options & SSL

All are web frameworks (at least until now) are using nginx as a reverse proxy. This makes it possible to use a multitude of ports and frameworks on the same server.

There’s a general set of web options, basically every web host has these options (read the grammar file!!!):

    - meteor:
        url: localhost
        port: 80  # 0 to disable
        path: .
        redirect: null  # 'https' to redirect to the https port

            port: 443  # to disable
            redirect: null  # 'http' to redirect to the http port
            certificate: null  # a file path
            key: null  # a file path

As you can see, there’s a way to play with the ports and specify an url (to host multiple domains on the same server). There’s also a way to specify an ssl key/certificate. By default if not specified, depl generates self-signed certificates for you (obviously only working with a warning in the browser).

A typical django ssl configuration with ssh might look like this:

    - django:
        redirect: https
            certificate: ~/.private/ssl/cert.crt
            key: ~/.private/ssl/ssl.key

Specifying the path allows a different source and project directory.



Python WSGI & Flask & others...